Friday, November 11, 2011

The Brain

The Thalamus and Basal Telencephalon of The Cat.

Open the Door

Never for an instant forget the effort to renew your life, to build yourself anew. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway of life itself. This is not an easy task. Indeed, it may be the most severely challenging struggle there is. For opening the door to your own life is in the end more difficult than opening the door to all the mysteries of the universe. But to do so is to vindicate your existence as human beings. Even more, it is the mode of existence that is authentically attuned to the innermost truths of life itself; it makes us worthy of the gift of life. -Daisaku Ikeda

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Education makes us free. The world of knowledge and of the intellect is where all people can meet and converse. Education liberates people from prejudice. It frees the human heart from its violent passions

- Daisaku Ikeda


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Formality: there is a time and a place for it.

President Toda detested formality. And for this reason, as his disciple, I have tried to place foremost emphasis on substance. Formalities are important in certain cases, but mere formality without substance is evil. Formalities in and of themselves have no life; whereas substance is alive. Formality is provisional and substance essential. Formality is conventional and therefore conservative, but substance provides the impetus for progress and development.-Daisaku Ikeda

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Scripts: Gateway to happiness?


Perhaps most of unhappiness comes from life’s uncertainties. If we have a sense of control by way of designing our lives based on the architecture we get for ourselves will give us sense of happiness by having had determined and identified certain points in life that seem important. The key is consistency. When you feel like running away from the reality that you are faced with, you realize that life becomes that escape at all times. We then condition ourselves to react or reflex to all of life’s circumstances in a fight-or-flight mode. This is definitely something I’m working on; like you said Sensei, life’s circumstances are not the defining factor of a person’s worth. These circumstances are simply opportunities to change the outcomes of life.

I am a third year undergraduate student, majoring in psychology; with the aim to enter graduate school to work towards a PhD in social psychology directly after my BA. This is truly my passion. I plan to delve into the field of positive psychology and to contribute to humanity by the way of research on topics such as happiness. By the golden standard of empirical research we can make a difference in the way we approach, and perceive, happiness.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My dearest friends in faith,

What marvelous hearts you possess!
What an amazing life you lead!
Full of compassion and gratitude,
You possess the Body of the Buddha.
Shakyamuni, Nichiren, and our dear mentor Ikeda are singing songs of praise
Praising you!

I’m left speechless,
sense words and poetry—though they try—do not do justice to your honor.
But I can say this much with confidence,
I can say this with my heart filled with joy:
My soul’s passion
My awakening
My growth and development
My life and endurance
My fortune and prosperity
All nourished and supported by your sincere efforts to reach out to humanity.
In turn, you reach out to me and you have planted a seed.
I’m propelled by a sense of duty to you and my Mentor to repay all that I owe you by making a difference in this world.

For as long as I live,
Your memories and influence will beat the drums of my heart.
Your guidance and insight will lead me;
For at my very core,
I know who helped build the foundations of my Treasure Tower

You have gone out of your way—countless times—to fill my heart with hope and courage
To have resorted my faith in humanity, you have fulfilled the most deepest wish of mine 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

$50K for Portable Homeless Shelters

The homeless issue is a major social issue. We all have a social responsibility to provide aid, and we all need to address this ever growing trend of people spending nights on the streets. Raising awareness is step number one, next comes initiative: actually getting involved and taking action. 

To help Cardborigami fulfill its noble cause, it needs funding. Given the unprecedented economic turmoil the nation is currently facing, personal donations are difficult for a lot of people to make. Nonetheless,  Pepsi will award $50,000 in grant money to the top ranking candidates for the Pepsi Refresh Grant during September. Please show your support for this cause by voting. You can vote everyday using these two methods: 1) log on to; and 2) by using your mobile phone to text the number 108742 to Pepsi (73774).

For more information about Cardborigami, please visit the organization's website at:

I do not advertize, publicize, nor do I run campaigns on this blog. However, this cause is in complete accord with the ideals we are all--as a human race--striving for: Humanism. I approve.